I am European, Christian, and Hard Right.  I believe in our people’s glorious past and in our future.

I’m not interested in intra-right squabbles.

I believe we are 100 years into collapse, and we are living in the ruins of the West, but there is much good to be recovered, our patrimony is so rich.  So even as things collapse, we still have the material of a rich life.

I have a James Burnham / Samuel Francis view of ruling elites.  Our ruling elite has created a regime of Anarcho-Tyranny.  Our ruling elite is trying to crush the European middle class in America; regrettably, it is too bourgeois to see what is happening.

I’ll name the Jew.  The Jews have been Christian Europe’s historic enemy, and the Jews suppress and destroy Europeans and their morality. Once you notice you can’t un-notice.

A nation that worships Mammon is easily Jewed.  See England post-Cromwell.  See America.

Christianity in the West has become Churchianity.  The Jewish-Christian fight in the New Testament is hidden from them in plain sight, right there in the New Testament.  They can’t see that, they can’t see many other things as well.

I hate the multicult and its pathologies.  I am racist for noticing the chronic misbehavior of blacks, but picking on them is like picking on the retarded kid in class.  I blame the ruling elite.

The Jews get a nation.  I want one, too.

As the anarchy from below and the tyranny from above increase, I see one thing ahead:  Blood will flow.

All is not lost.  Of all the plans I’ve seen so far, and I have see a lot, the one with the best odds is:  a miracle from God.  He’s a real wild card.


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